• Are your products food safe? - YES! We used water based paints and glazes. We don't recommend the dishwasher.

  • Why is there a 3 day turnaround? - Once you paint your pottery, we allow the piece to dry overnight. Then we glaze it and allow that to dry overnight. Then we fire it in our kiln, which is a 24 hour process.

  • What are those little marks on my finished pieces - Those are stilt marks. We dip your pottery completely. Therefore, when we fire it, we elevate every piece on fine tipped metal stilts. We then grind down any sharp edges with a fine grain stone. Also, we do are best to stilt your pottery in a way that is the least noticeable. Usually on the bottom.

  • Do you have a catalog? - Not really. Because our inventory is always growing and changing, it would be impossible to keep a permanent catalog of our products. And sometimes, our suppliers simply don't carry certain items any longer.  Also, our inventory may change with different seasons. You can always check out our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages for many product photos.

  • Do I need a reservation? - No, walk-ins are welcome. If you want to come with a large group, we do ask that you give us a little heads up. Also, our "normal"  business hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 11:00am - 6:00pm (closed on Monday). If you wish to schedule a group, party our event outside of these times, GIVE US CALL!

  • Do you have a last seating time? - Generally speaking, no. Even if painters show up at 5:53pm, if we have nothing else going on, we'll hang out with you! 

  • What is your shop fee? - Our shop fee is only $5.00. That covers the cost our paint, glaze, labor...

  • Do you ship? - Yes. United States shipping is available for an additional fee. 

  • I am a potter. May I use your kiln? - We're sorry, but no. We do not fire 3rd party products.

  • Can I eat/drink in GAC? - Yes! Outside food and drinks are welcome.

  • Are you Handicap Accessible? - Yes. GAC is in compliance with the accessibility guidelines of the ADA".

  • Are Pets allowed?- Yes, as long as they are well trained and house broken. All service animal are welcome.

  • What payment methods do you accept? - Cash, card, ApplePay.

  • Does your mascot have a name? - Yes. Theodore DeGlazer.

  • Is there ANY reason why I shouldn't come paint pottery at GAC? - Nope! 

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Glazed And Confused - Tybee Island

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"Normal" Business Hours:

Tuesday - Sunday  10:00am - 6:00pm

(closed on Monday)

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